Request an Appointment

Dr. Adams is usually available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, and Friday.

Dr. Gautama is available for Tuesday appointments.

Appointments are normally required. On rare occasions we can handle walk-ins if you are able to wait until we can work you in between the booked appointments. We wish to make this process as easy as possible for you, and thus you have a choice of booking by telephone 1-403-269-5323 or using our online appointment request calendar below.

We have a single receptionist in a busy clinic so phone calls may not be answered as promptly as we’d like. Our system does take voice messages and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

How to Request an Appointment

Below you will find a calendar on which you can select 1 or 2 dates on which you are available for an appointment.

Typically we fill up a week in advance, so we recommend requesting an appointment at least a week in advance. We will contact you within 2 business days regarding when we are able to accommodate you. If you haven’t heard from us in 2 business, please call or email us. Your submission does not mean you have an appointment – it is only a request.

We are closed Thursday morning and weekends.

You can find directions to our office on the contact page.

Please include any information you think we’ll need in the notes field after selecting 2 dates.

Missed Appointments

We’ve had a problem with people making an appointment and then not showing up. We understand the schedule of the professional pilot can entail last minute trips, mechanical problems or getting weathered in somewhere. If you can please send us an email/phone message that you won’t be here it is appreciated. That way we can work another patient in. If you no-show twice, you’re going to have to speak with Dr. Adams if you want to book again.

Last Minute Appointments

Please call or email us if you’re stuck and need a last minute appointment – we will do our best to fit you in. We may not see your request from the form below in time.

What to Bring

Glasses/Contact Lenses: Those wearing contact lenses/glasses should wear their glasses to the appointment and bring their contact lenses along. Bring reading glasses as well. We have to check vision with both contacts and glasses as Transport Canada demands you have a set of up-to-date glasses to use if your contacts fall out or become contaminated. Bring your current eyeglass prescription if you have it.

Medications: Bring a current list of any medications and doses you are taking.

Aviation Document: Remember to bring your current aviation document.

Request an Appointment

To request an appointment, start by selecting 1 or 2 dates on the calendar below that work for you. Providing 2 dates is preferred.

Thank You

We have received your appointment request.

We will contact you with an appointment time within two business days.

Remember to bring a printed copy of a questionnaire (you can also fill it out at the office).