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How much does an Aviation Medical cost?

Aviation medicals are not covered by your Provincial Health Care. Private and Commercial medicals are currently $160.00 CAD, and the computer interpreted ECG is $50.00 CAD. If needed, audiograms are $35.00 CAD and Farnsworth colour tests are $35.00 CAD.

How does the whole Aviation Medical thing work?

Please read the Aviation Medical for First Time Pilots article for a detailed account.

I think I may not meet the standards – what should I do to find out?

The best thing is to book an appointment and we’ll discuss it. Each case is unique. The information on the Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Medicine Website is a useful place to start.

Where is your office located?

We are located at the Springbank Airport, a short drive outside the Calgary city limits. You can find a map and directions to our office on the Contact page.