About Us

We are an office dedicated to serving the needs of pilots in all walks of aviation. Because of our dedicated focus to safety critical transportation medicine, some other corporate entities who are also involved in safety critical operations such as railroads and mining companies have taken advantage of this expertise. We do not do primary care or family medicine, preferring to focus exclusively on the particular needs of our client group. As such, you will find yourself the focus of our professional services and our efforts, and you will not have to share your healthcare requirements with a broader group of primary care patients.

Dr. Adams is also certified in addiction medicine and a significant part of his practice involves assessing and treating professionals who have this disease. Our website has been designed to assist the active pilot, or prospective pilot, to navigate this often complex and somewhat intimidating system. We look forward to looking after your aviation medicine, safety critical needs.

About Dr. Adams

Dr. Adams has been a physician for thirty-five years, receiving his M.D. from the University of Calgary in 1981. Prior to this he was a graduate student researcher at University of Toronto specializing in human physiology and human factors. He obtained his private pilot license in 1973 and has been flying ever since. He currently holds a commercial pilot license with group 3 instrument rating. He owns a Mooney 231. He has been certified as an aerospace physiologist by the American Board of aerospace physiology in 1992. He consults to a wide variety of flying entities.

He is the Assistant Medical Director, Flight Operations, WestJet Airlines, medical consultant for Jazz Airlines LP, medical consultant for the Air Line Pilot Association (Canada), Medical Director, North Cariboo, Canadian North, and a medical consultant for Sunwings, Regional One, LR Helicopters and Mountain View Helicopters. He teaches a variety of aeromedical courses, delivering the addictions portion of the Canadian Forces flight surgeon course, as well as Mount Royal University aviation program, Springbank Air Training College and Calgary Flying Club.

About Dr. Gautama

Dr. Mindy Gautama received her MD from the University of British Columbia and has practiced family medicine in Alberta since 1993. She has a keen interest and additional training in the areas of Occupational Medicine, Chronic Disease Management, and Chronic Pain. She currently holds leadership positions in the Highland Primary Care Network, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Medical Association. Having been married to an airline pilot for over 20 years, Dr. Gautama has a good understanding of the unique challenges of aviation life and brings this experience and insight into her work.