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Transport Canada just released exemptions NCR-061-2020 and NCR-062-2020 for renewal of pilot medicals.

https://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/regserv/Affairs/exemptions/docs/en/3304.htm https://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/regserv/Affairs/exemptions/docs/en/3303.htm

This is an extremely complex solution which will demand pilots decide for themselves whether they meet exemption criteria (Appendix A) and can self declare and renew their medical certificates without a CAME (physician) appointment. We anticipate a huge volume of requests for clarification – and we cannot do this. We have neither the staff nor the time and there is significant legal liability if we tell a pilot they do not need a medical – and it turns out they do. It is up to each individual pilot to decide after reading the documents whether they can self-declare or not. If they wish guidance they should contact Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Medicine: https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/contacts-offices.html#civil_aviation_medicine

Several categories clearly do need in-person medicals – new applicants (never had a medical before) or pilots who require physical examination of an ongoing health issue. Transport did not specify what is to be done concerning ECGs or audiograms. It is pointless, in our opinion, to perform a virtual medical exam and then present here in person for an ECG or audiogram – therefore our advice is to book a medical as per normal if you require an ECG. Those pilots who did not have valid medicals on March 17, 2020 cannot renew by declaration – they will require at least a virtual appointment. If you have any limitations or restrictions (Appendix B) you will require at least a virtual appointment.

The fees for a virtual appointment are identical to in–person as the time commitment and legal liability are identical for us. Payment may be made (via telephone) to the reception staff following the appointment by giving credit card information. Your letter of renewal will then be mailed the same day. Carry this with you - you do not need a stamp in your Aviation Document Booklet.

As with many critical businesses – our office is following strict Covid prevention guidelines including temperature screening upon entry, barriers, limiting the waiting area to two people at a time, increased disinfection and anti-infection gowning/masking and hand sanitizing. This will slow us down somewhat but everyone’s safety is worth it – we must make this start-up successful and not have any infection events. Please bear with us as we do our utmost to protect your (and our) safety.

Dr. Adams, Dr. Gautama and the YBW Aeromedical Clinic are exclusively devoted to the world of aviation and safety critical medicine.

We understand pilots, flying and the special demands of caring for, and certifying those who work in this unique environment. Because of this, other safety critical industries have also chosen to use our services, both in medical assessment and addiction medicine treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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